Prismalodic began when classically trained pianist and singer/songwriter Jessa Young witnessed DJ Hi Octane properly tear it up with some nasty techno at a party in Aspen, CO in 2005.  She was so moved by sounds new to her that she began to imagine her own songs being as twacked out and funky as the tracks Hi Octane was laying down. After his set was over Jessa introduced herself creating an instant, powerful and lasting connection between two artists and friends. Over the next 4 years the two exchanged seas of information, taught and encouraged each other to grow in new directions and to explore new musical territory.

In the Spring of 2009 Jessa Young met Geoffio through MCMP, an on-line music mentoring course taught by Tom Hess. The two hit it off instantly, as musicians and friends and when Jessa moved to Seattle, WA in the Summer of 2009 they  began collaborating in person.  Shortly thereafter, Ilya moved to Seattle too and the three musicians became fast friends as their musical relationship evolved.  Geoffio officially joined Prismalodic after the group signed with Seattle inde label, Asnazzy Records.  Now their music is being distributed world-wide.  Prismalodic creates a unique sound that combines main stream appeal with the quirkiness of underground electronica.